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https://www.bassgrab.com/wp-content/uploads/Lure-Color-Chart-Fishing-Feat-e1479499660910-620x350.jpg, https://www.bassgrab.com/wp-content/uploads/Best-Inshore-Rods-620x350.jpg, https://www.bassgrab.com/wp-content/uploads/Shrimp-Fight-e1492634991339-620x350.jpg, https://www.bassgrab.com/wp-content/uploads/Inline-Spinnerbait-e1492631449689-620x350.jpg, Fishing from kayaks is our favorite. Vivid color and hypnotic tale Knowing the perfect lure color for every situation will save you the humiliation of getting skunked again, and provide you with more bass to brag to your buddies about. In this post we will break down a fishing lure color selection chart to help you pick the right color to catch more fish. Let’s take a look at how each of these elements works for choosing the right color. Check out the illustration below to see what I mean for choosing the right color bass fishing. The greenish, yellowish, lemon-lime type color known as chartreuse has always been touted by fisherman as one of the best crappie jig colors for crappie as well as bass jig fishing alike. Does it depend more on the body of water? Bass typically won’t strike at something they’re not sure about or can’t see well. I’ve had several instances where one color works better than another. How to Catch Lots of Bass This Winter With These Simple Tips, 7 Good Areas To Find The Best Bass Fishing Spots, 4 Good Lures Fall Bass Fishing 50 Degree Water, What is Float and Fly Fishing - How, When, and Best Setup Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing Heavy Weeds & Grass in Ponds & Lakes, Water Temperature Affects on Bass Fishing - Part 2: Identifying what to use fishing. A little bit of red is always good too since baitfish often bleed red when they are struggling, plus the red flash of the gills in a baitfish gets noticed. The deeper you catch a bass they appear to be a little more pale, yet shallow clear water bass can have darker green vivid markings. See all Photos. Use neutral and natural colors when it’s cold and overcast and use bright colors when the sun is out, and it’s warm. Target cruising predators with the Buccaneer® Bait Company Oval Cobia Jig. L-R ...Smoked Purple, Smokey Joe, Purple Camo, Bluegrass, Green Pumpkin, PBJ, Watermelon Jelly, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Purple Flash. Baitfish and other creatures bass feed on need to blend in with their surroundings to prevent getting preyed upon. Catch More Big Bass By Knowing The Perfect Color With This Free Lure Color Chart The real secret to catching big bass is to know how to match the color of your lure to the conditions of the water. NMBA FACEBOOK PAGE. In clear water, preferred color combinations are a black jig/blue trailer (either a pork chunk baits or plastic crawfish baits ), black/brown and pumpkin pepper/green; in stained water, black/yellow and black/chartreuse are perennial producers. See more ideas about Fishing lures, Bass fishing tips, Fishing tips. Water clarity is the number one determining factor of what color to use bass fishing. When there is a lot of light penetration natural greens, browns, or gray’s are the best bet. Make sure you’re always catering to your surroundings. I do think lures with obvious contrast between colors that bass can easily observe will remain important: baits like red cranks with black vertical bars, or … However, I have also seen fish caught on super strange colors, like pink and purple. Image This is a portion of Eddie Johns’ color chart, put together by him after … You could also go with a solid dark color as that will also create contrast. Aaron Warner is an avid angler with over 15 years of experience. I’ve never been real sure what to get when there are 30 different colors of one bait.”. With topwater lures, it is most important to pay attention to the color on the underside of the lure. Snag a copy to print out and keep in your boat or tackle bag when times get tough. I’ve done it before and I’m sure other anglers have as well. Punch jigs are exclusively used for the punching technique, which requires a heavy rod that can deal with the increased weight of these jigs and has the backbone to haul giant bass out of the slop. Black with blue flake. One more little side note, the links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use in selecting the right color for fishing. In fly fishing everyone says ‘match the hatch’ when it comes to advice for lure color and selection. Best Color of Jigs for Smallmouth Bass. It’s no secret smallmouth bass love to eat crawdads and jigs are one of the best crawdad imitators. Night fishing is the easiest to pick the best lure size and color; always go big and dark when night fishing. Although fish may eat different things, each species has a specific prey it prefers to eat, just like most other animals. Black Neon. Get Started You need to match your bait colors to the type of forage the bass are feeding on. topwater bass lure color chart. The jig-and-pig is a standard bait for flipping, pitching or casting. Some good choices for bright colors would be chartreuse, pink, or orange. Tournament Archives. In really dirty water you want white, or black then scale your color to more natural patterns the clearer the water becomes. Small baitfish spawn just after bass so imitation is almost always good with a silver or gold color. Matching the hatch like this with a bluegill color swim jig is key for knowing what color to use bass fishing. Saved by Qwerty Austin From south to north, as long as you’ve got at least a little stain to the water – a black and blue jig will get bit. Aaron Warner. The bright sun, or lack thereof can also impact your lure choice. If there are a lot of bluegills in the lake use bluegill colors such as green, blue with some orange or yellow. For clear water, you want to use a subtle colored translucent lure so they aren’t spooked when they can get a good look at your lure. The bigger lure creates more water movement and these vibrations will attract a bass that can’t see as well at night. It is considered by a lot of crappie fisherman as the only choice for crappie jig color. The biggest question we get asked by anglers is when to throw what bait. The colors on that bait change as the bait descends through the water column. Certain colors fade due to the lack of light penetration caused by lower water clarity, increased depth and the sun (or lack thereof) overhead. Also, pro bass fishermen agree that the dark solid lure color at night will help provide contrast between the bait and the water. When the main forage in the lake is crawfish use green pumpkin, brown, with a dash of blue or orange. However, following this basic color guide will put you in the best position to appeal to and ultimately catch the most bass. Fishing Lure Color Selection Chart – What Color to Use Bass Fishing. Lure color choice should be based on the three Cs: clarity, conditions and confidence. Cloudy and Clear Water: Bass see more detail in the water, stick with translucent baits but add a bit of color. For dark or stained water you want to go with a bright presentation that is more solid so they are able to find it more easily and it contrasts the dark water. Pitch a 3/8-ounce black-and-blue jig with a big chunk trailer to these targets; it’ll float down slowly instead of plummeting down and wedging between the rocks as a heavier jig would. With its vivid color and hypnotic tale, the AeroJig Marabou Jig is sure to provoke strikes from nearby fish. Weather, Water Temp, Water Clarity, Depth,Type of Cover, and the seasons. Bass Fishing Lure Color Selection Chart; Too Many Bass Lure COLORS!?! This post will look at the main 4 key factors in determining color selection. When I started out bass fishing I really struggled with picking colors too, but now I feel like I have a decent system that seems to work. Here they are, and when to use each jig color: Contrast/Black & Blue. Its weighted head lets you cast it into the distance, and this same weight gets it down into strike zone fast. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass! The vast majority of bass jigs are skirted with a rubber skirt, but the skirt material can vary. Most ponds have eitherbluegill, crawdads, and sometimes even shad. Great for cobia, kings, snapper, and more, this flashy jig can be fished fast or slow, up in the column or down deep. I’m on it.’ In all reality, it’s a good piece of advice, but can really be quite frustrating and not very helpful off the bat. A great example of this principle is the common lure color firetiger in Bass Pro Shops XPS Rattle Shad. While Fall, Winter, clouds, ... Top Six GPS and Chart Plotting Choices. These are the colors you should key in on, and match your jig color to the prey. Water clarity is the most important factor when considering lure color. Hopefully, you gleaned a few items form this fishing lure selection chart breakdown, so you can spend less time wondering if you are using the right color and more time catching bass! Sunny and Clear Water: Bass see more detail in the water, stick with translucent natural colors. I've had 5-pound bass eat the same jig year after year from the same pond because I figured out their preferred color. These are colors bass expect to see in their prey, so matching it in your lure can make a big difference in the number of strikes you get. The painted jigheads come in a variety of colors, which can be viewed in the charts below: Click on a jig paint color below to view a bigger image: My theory is these bright colors have the same hue, as other colors in the water thus they become a good attraction for those sometimes finicky bass.

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